Is your song still in You

Is your song still in you?

We were all born with dreams and purpose inside of us. If you don’t feel like you are living up to your potential, and you don’t know why, this is for you. Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them – Henry David Thoreau Henry […]

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How to stop self judgement and criticism

How dare you speak to me like this!

“Kewyn you are so stupid! Seriously how can you be so dumb! You just can’t do anything right…” This is what I would say to myself after I opened a package that I’ve been waiting for days and noticed that I placed the wrong order. I suddenly realised what I was doing, I thought “Hold […]

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15 Traits of a Perfectionist

15 Traits Of A Perfectionist

These are 15 common traits that would describe a perfectionist. Do any of those ring true to you? You have no free time No achievement is ever enough You rarely give yourself credit when you do well because there’s always something more you could do You blame yourself if things aren’t done just right You […]

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Sitting on the sideline - Is perfectionism affecting your life

Is Perfectionism Keeping You On The Sideline?

Confessions of a Perfectionist During my first job interview they asked me what was my greatest weakness and I replied, “I’m a perfectionist”. I thought I was being clever by making perfectionism (which I believed to be a strength) sound like a weakness. Now a decade later I’ve come to realise how perfectionism actually caused […]

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  • This is now crossed off my bucket list! Thank you for a beautiful evening @chefthomaskeller @_tfl_ #thefrenchlaundry
  • "In the beginning, God opened His mouth and out spilled galaxies, sea horses, pineapples, beaches, cinnamon trees and the laws of physics." - #johncrowder
  • 2017 - The best is yet to come #wanderlust
  • Québec #wanderlust
  • Downtown Montreal #wanderlust
  • When in Québec, "do it like the locals" 😛 Honestly if you are around Montreal, this is the most fun I've had on snow! #wanderlust
  • That Christmas Feeling! 🎄 #christmas
  • Full Heart as I got to spend the day with some of my favourites exploring Yountville and St Helena + The Festival of Lights in Napa. #wanderlust
  • Downtown Seattle #wanderlust
  • While in Seattle I got to meet some of the most amazing people and had the opportunity to go to the Gates Foundation. The ultimate goal for all that I do is to have an impact and advance in four areas: Health, Water, Energy & Education. I'm totally unsure of the path to get there, but I'm confident that it will be the destination. #revivalists
  • Streets of Seattle #seattlestartupweek
  • Seattle Bound #seattlestartupweek