What is Cloud technology? How can you use Cloud hosting for your business?

Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud

Ever wondered what is actually that “cloud” that everyone is talking about? Cloud Hosting or Cloud Technology is hosting or a technology that’s elastic. The capacity grows as required. For the iCloud it basically means that you can keep getting more space for your data and that you can use different devices to access your data that’s stored on the “cloud”.

How can cloud technology help your business?
With Cloud you don’t have to pay for what you are not using! Simple.
Ever wondered…
Why pay $100’s of dollars for bandwidth and hard drive space on a server when you are only using a very small portion of it while building your business?
What would happen if tomorrow your business appear on TV or one of your Viral Campaign kick off and you have several million of users visit your site? Long long will it take for you to upgrade to a new server and move your website across?

This is where cloud technology comes through. As visitors comes it grows “elastically” and allow for more bandwidth use and accommodate for your prospects. Once your campaign dies down, your hosting will go back to it’s normal state! Elastic!

You have got a website where you allow users to contribute,…videos, images, audio files. Why purchase Petabyte and Teraflops when you would probably not require that in months or years…opt for elastic hosting.

In short
Cloud Servers are on demand virtual infrastructure for running web sites, applications, and databases that require scalability and reliability.
Pay as you go
Rapid Scalability
Instant Provisioning
Easy Load Balancing

Where can you get cloud hosting? My favourite provide is GigeNet Cloud. If you are keen let me know and I’ll write a post comparing several cloud providers.

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    Simple and clear explanation! Please do provide a comaparitive study of providers and any free if available!!!

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