Snow Leopard iCal Mobile Me Stop Working After Update to iCloud

iCal Setup

iCal Setup

If you are like me and your iCal Mobile me Sync has stopped working after you’ve updated to iCloud, as you are still running Snow Leopard 10.6 ….this might be a way to get it back up…

Step 1: Backup your iCal (Just incase)

Step 2: Go to iCal > Preferences > Accounts

Step 3: On the Bottom Left Click on the + symbol

Step 4: Add an Account

Account Type: CalDAV
Username: iCloud Username (remember to put the whole email address
Password: iCloud Password
Server Address: where the XX represents the server it’s hosted on

Mine was, if you are wondering what’s yours log onto iCloud, create an event and invite yourself. When you get the invite click on it, it should open in a web browser and the pXX should be in the URL

If you never receive your email, try to connect to iCloud on a Lion computer. Go to iCal and go to iCal > Preferences > Accounts from there go to the server settings and you should find the pXX in there.

Post a comment if you got it working, or know of an easier way!

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  1. Christachatfield says

    i got this to work so far (we will see in the long run) and i just put in p01-caldav for the address. it worked for now….

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